Value Stream Map: Ensure growth & savings in your service

Value Stream Map: Ensure growth & savings in your service

A Value Stream Mapping workshop creates insight in material & Information flow.

A Value Stream Map shows flow of materials and information in your (production or service) process. It represents all departments, equipment, resources, suppliers and customers in your process. Showing the information in a VSM creates an opportunity to discuss improvements with a mixed team of experts from your organization. It reveals improvement possibilities to reduce tact time and supports growth plans

The Current state Value Stream Map shows the current situation included bottlenecks in material or information flow. In the preparation phase of the map, performing an analysis is necessary for every step in the chain (purchase, logistics, quality, contribution margins per product, etc.)

A mixed team and enough facilitators with different backgrounds and roles is crucial to harvest all potential and reach acceptance for improvements in a very short time frame.

Achievements in this example:

  • Production capacity improved with 6% per year in this production plant producing base chemicals.
  • The team created a Future State Value Stream with simplified information flow, strengthened ownership and increased functionality.
  • The team implemented an action plan for each step, where all steps were prioritized on impact on contribution margin, needed investment and potential in sales volume. 

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